Baby’s baby’s eyes are a normal condition that often occurs in newborns. There are several factors that can cause this condition, ranging from blockage of the tear duct to infection. This condition usually makes it difficult for Little Little to open his eyes. Therefore, know how to get rid of baby’s eye effectively.

Generally, a baby’s baby’s eye is said to be normal when it appears under certain conditions, for example when you wake up. However, if this condition lasts for months, this could be a sign that your baby is experiencing health problems in his eyes.

What You Need To Know About Baby Eyes

Causes of Baby’s Eyes Squigg

Baby’s baby’s eye is a common thing that often happens to newborns. This condition usually occurs due to delayed development and opening of the baby’s tear ducts. As a result, tears that should flow to the surface of the eye, so stuck in the corner of the eye, causing the formation of dirt or chap in the baby’s eyes. But you don’t need to worry, because this condition will usually heal by itself.

In addition, infection can also be another cause of baby’s baby’s skin. When the normal delivery process, a virus or bacteria can be transmitted to your child. The risk of infection will increase if the mother has an infection in the birth canal, such as gonorrhea or herpes. If this condition is not treated immediately, the consequences can cause blindness in infants.

Baby Eyes Handling

When you find your baby’s eyes running, don’t worry. Take the following steps to help clean the spots or dirt on your baby’s eyes:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly, before and after cleaning the spots on your little one’s eyes.
  • Prepare a cotton swab or a few clean cotton buds, and warm water.
  • Next, moisten a cotton swab with warm water. Then wipe your eyes, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye slowly.
  • Repeat this action until your Little One’s eyes are clear of cracks and crust. There is something you should pay attention to, which is to replace the cotton bud or cotton every time your eyes are rubbed. One swab for a cotton swab, or you can use your little finger to massage the corners of the baby’s eyes near the nose, in slow motion.
  • Do not share baby towels or rags, to avoid contamination if there is an infection.

When to Look Out for Baby Eyes

As explained above, baby-eyed babies are not always a condition to worry about. However, you should still be aware of the various symptoms or signs that occur along with the appearance of a boil in the baby. Among others are:

  • The appearance of yellowish or greenish eye discharge.
  • Pus in baby’s eyes.
  • The color of the eye dirt is white, but the color of the whites of the eyes becomes red or the top of the eyelids swell. These are signs of a possible infection.
  • If the baby tears excessively.
  • If the baby rubs the eyes often or looks in pain.
  • If the baby has difficulty opening his eyes.
  • If the eye structure or eyelids of the baby appear irregular.

If you pay attention to the signs as above in your child, do not hesitate to immediately visit an eye doctor, in order to get further treatment.

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