After passing the age of one year, more children will master many things. One of the development of children aged 2 years is the ability to speak the better.

The ability to speak does not stand alone, but is closely related to the ability to understand the words of others he listens to and rearranges those words. A child may speak well, but it is difficult to understand direction. Meanwhile, other children are able to speak clearly, but can not combine two words together.

The Development of 2-Year-Old Children, The More Speech

Speech Ability of Children of 2 Years

Although in general the ability to speak in children is not the same fast, but this ability is not much different. Starting from a baby aged 9 months, in the form of pieces of words that are not clear, for example “mama” or “nana”. At the age of 18-24 months, most children already have 20 vocabularies and increase to 50 or more.

This ability increases with the development of 2 year olds, including:

  • Mastering 50 or more vocabulary words.
  • Start combining two words at a time, for example, “want to eat”.
  • Can mention parts of the body, such as the nose, ears or eyes, or simple objects around them.
  • Able to understand and carry out commands from simple command sentences, for example “Please bring the toy and give it to mother”.
  • Then towards the age of 3 years, the ability to speak will increase with more vocabulary. They are also able to combine 2-3 words in a sentence, begin to understand more complex sentence instructions, and recognize colors or more complicated concepts.

Signs of Late Speech

Not infrequently the development of children aged 2 years experience delays, so that children do not have the ability to speak properly. Even though each child has a different stage of development, it is advisable to be aware of the possibility of impaired speech development and language skills.

If the child’s speech is left far enough from his age, for example, can only say certain sounds and words repeatedly, or do not use words when communicating, it may be time to consult with a speech therapist, pediatrician, or pediatric psychiatrist to evaluate the growth and development of your child.

Speech therapists not only evaluate speech delays at the developmental stage of a 2-year-old child, but also understand the child when he hears others speak. When the child is able to say 50 words, he should have understood the meaning of the word even more.

Parents should be vigilant if at the age of 2 years, children have not been able to follow simple instructions, do not know the function of tools used daily, can not combine two words, or can not recognize organs that are often mentioned.

Problems with the ability to speak of a 2-year-old can also be suspected if the child has not been able to ask simple questions, difficulty singing children’s songs that are often played, or the words are not understood by the family.

It is important to understand that speaking ability is as important as other abilities in the development of 2 year olds. Consult with your pediatrician if you are worried about your child’s condition that has not shown signs of being able to speak or understand speech.

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