In Indonesia, celery is generally known simply as a complementary food, such as meatballs or soup. When in fact there are various health benefits of celery, often even used to deal with various diseases.

Celery plants have many varieties from various countries. For example Chinese celery which is a type of celery with a strong taste and has a darker color than usual.

Recognize the Benefits of Celery for Health

Various Benefits of Celery

Part of celery plants that are often used for medicine are dried fruits and seeds, then squeezed into oil. In addition, there are also those who use celery to make a type of wine. Now, celery juice is also often produced as medicine, and celery oil is produced in capsule form.

However, some of the benefits of celery as a drug, have not been proven scientifically and need further research. Here are some of the alleged health benefits of celery:

  • Smooth menstruation

  • Celery seeds may be effective for smoothing and alleviating menstrual discomfort. This is based on a clinical study using celery seeds, mace (anise) and kuma-kuma (saffron) consumed for three days.

  • Repel mosquitoes

  • The possibility of celery can be used as a mosquito repellent lotion. Research shows, anti-mosquito lotion products containing celery extract 5-25% can repel mosquitoes for up to four hours.

  • Important mineral source

  • Celery contains important minerals, such as potassium which plays a role in helping regulate blood pressure, and manganese which is very involved in regulating brain and nerve function.

  • Reducing blood pressure

  • Celery contains phytochemicals or known as phthalides, which can relax muscle tissue in artery walls to increase blood flow and in turn lower blood pressure.

  • Improve memory

  • A study says, celery contains an antioxidant called luteolin that can improve memory. This material is also thought to reduce the risk of various diseases due to the aging process, such as inflammation of the brain and memory disorders.

Celery is generally safe for consumption and is applied to the skin as a short-term treatment. However, celery might make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and cause inflammation. In addition, note that celery seeds and celery oil may not be safe for breastfeeding women and pregnant women. In very large quantities, celery may cause uterine contractions.

Although many have explained the various benefits of celery, it turns out consumption of celery in high amounts in the form of drugs has the risk of causing several disorders, such as kidney disorders, bleeding, low blood pressure, and nervous system disorders. So you should not consume excessive celery. If necessary, consult with your doctor first before taking it as a herbal remedy, either directly, cooked, or in the form of supplements.

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