Early symptoms of breast cancer are often difficult to know. This is due to breast cancer in the early stages, rarely causing any symptoms. To recognize breast cancer, it is important to do an early detection of cancer by doing breast self-examination (breast self-examination) and breast examination at a health facility on a regular basis.

Like cancer in general, breast cancer is a disease that is difficult to detect in the early days. Early symptoms of breast cancer will only appear when cancer cells have begun to develop. Understanding the early symptoms of breast cancer, can make you more alert, so get early treatment with a greater success rate.

Protect Yourself, Beware of Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Recognize the Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

There are various characteristics that become early symptoms of breast cancer, one of which is a change in the nipple, both surface, texture, or temperature. These changes are usually accompanied by pain, discharge, or itching.

If the surface of the breast skin looks rough and reddish in color like an orange peel, it is an advanced stage of breast cancer.

In addition, the following other signs can be recognized from the early symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Lump in the breast or armpit

  • These lumps do not disappear after the menstrual period. Characteristics of breast cancer lumps tend to feel hard, not painful with uneven edges. But there are also lumps of cancer that are painful, soft, and with flat edges. In addition, although it may not be felt when touched, but this lump can be detected in advance through a mammogram.

  • The breast feels pain continuously

  • Although breast pain can also be caused by other things, such as the use of contraceptive pills, fertility programs, the use of inappropriate bras, cysts, or stress. But to be sure, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor.

  • There is a scaly rash on the nipple and / or around the nipple.

  • This condition is a symptom of Paget’s disease, which is related to the presence of breast cancer.

  • Fluid from the nipples appears

  • The liquid that appears can be colored, clear, or bleeding. Apart from cancer cells, the discharge of breast fluid can also be caused by infection.

  • Changes in breast surface

  • The skin on the surface of the breast looks different from the surrounding skin area.

Routine breast check is the main prevention

There are times when cancer cells do not appear as large lumps in the breast, but spread through lymph nodes to the cervical vertebrae or armpits, and cause lumps in the area.

Actually 90% of lumps in a woman’s breast are not cancerous. But to be sure, it’s better to see a doctor immediately. Not only in women, breast cancer can also occur in men with more or less similar symptoms.

As a first step, the doctor will do a physical examination by examining the surface of the breasts, nipples, and armpits. Your doctor will ask general questions, such as whether you already have children and breastfeed, medications you have taken or are taking, and lifestyle. In addition, the doctor will also ask for a family history of cancer, because some breast cancers can be associated with genetic factors.

Screening by mammography is generally used to find abnormalities in the breast, and detect whether the breast lump is benign or malignant. In addition to mammography, mammary ultrasound can also be used to confirm results.

As a preliminary examination at home, you can do a self-examination with breast self-examination to detect any unusual lumps. If indeed you feel a lump in the breast, do not worry too much. Not necessarily a lump that is an early symptom of breast cancer. Perform further tests to the doctor, so that it can be diagnosed and given the right treatment.

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