Every food we consume makes a different sound when it is chewed. And he said, the sound that arises when chewing food slowly can help you lose weight, you know!

A study shows that when a person realizes he is eating, even hears the sound of chewing, he tends to eat less.

Lose Weight by Listening to Chewing Sounds

Conversely, the habit of eating in a hurry, especially while watching television or listening to music at high volume, can actually make someone eat more.

This is because the sound from television or music can muffle the sound of chewing while eating. This makes the hand continue to feed food to the mouth, while the eyes and ears will be diverted to something else.

When you have this, you do not feel or realize the aroma of the food you are eating. As a result, you will feel dissatisfied with the food you have consumed. To eliminate the feeling of dissatisfaction, you will eat again and again.

An expert involved in the study revealed that the sound of chewing is a sensation during eating that we often forget. Though the sound of food chewing is one that can add to the enjoyment of a food. For example, what is the pleasure of eating fresh carrots without a crisp sound?

In addition, you can also reduce the amount of food consumed if you enjoy and absorb more eating activities, including when listening to the sound of food being chewed.

So, remember that when you eat food, you not only use your mouth and taste buds, but also other senses, including the eyes and ears. By realizing this you can better enjoy the food you are consuming. As a bonus, you can control the amount of food consumed.

How to Enjoy Food Sounds?

We are often less aware of signals from our own bodies. In fact, eating mindfully and enjoying the process of eating and chewing will help us learn to listen to signals from the body, including the emergence of feeling full.

You can do the following tips to start enjoying the sound of food:

  • Try sipping the drink slowly and pay attention to all the feelings that arise from each sip. Learn to enjoy the taste, temperature, and unique sensation of the drink.
  • Try to stop all your activities while eating.
  • If you are chased by a task deadline so you have to eat while reading, typing, or something else, then try to do it alternately. When you want to bribe food, stop your activities for a moment to pay attention to your food.
  • When dining with friends or family, try asking them to eat in silence, and enjoy your meal until the meal together is over.

If you want to eat mindfully, devote your attention to the experience of eating and drinking, and to the sensations that you get from inside and outside the body. Enjoy every sound of chew, color, aroma, texture and taste.

Eating mindfully can indeed make you not eat too much. However, you still need to pay attention to the type of food that enters your stomach. Make sure you choose healthy foods and drinks.

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