Prolonged stress can affect the health of the body, so that various diseases can arise. It is important to know how to eliminate stress so that it does not interfere with health.

When a person experiences stress, the hormones cortisol and adrenaline will increase in the body and trigger heart disease, digestive disorders, and even depression. Stress experienced can also affect endurance, making it easier to get sick.

How to Get Rid of Stress to Be Happier

Recognize Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

Economic problems or heavy workloads, become a problem that is often faced by someone with age. If not addressed, the problem can cause stress. How to relieve stress each person can be different. However, there are various ways to relieve stress that can be done simply, without using large capital.

Here are a variety of ways to eliminate stress to keep your body and mind healthy:

  • Do the activity you like

  • Try to remember, what activities that make you forget the time and are very happy to do it. Do things that you enjoy, like fishing, reading books, or whatever hobbies you like so you can help reduce your stress levels.

  • Keep moving and exercising

  • When you experience stress, don’t lock yourself in a lonely place. Keep moving and exercising lightly, like running, biking, or walking. Doing stretching exercises like yoga can also reduce tension in the muscles, and at the same time relieve stress. When you move or exercise, the body releases chemicals that make you feel better.

  • Listen to soft-pitched music

  • Listening to soft-pitched music is one way to relieve stress which is very helpful. This is because soft-pitched music can reduce heart rate, relieve anxiety, and lower blood pressure. In addition, listening to music that is calm and gentle makes the hormone cortisol and blood pressure decrease.

  • Meditation

  • When under stress and there are so many problems in your mind, try to meditate. This can make you more focused on the things that are happening at the moment or the original purpose. One meditation technique that can be done is mindful meditation. This meditation requires that you focus on everything that you are feeling right now, including your breathing movements. Then there is the spell meditation, which is to concentrate or empty the mind by repeating words repeatedly.

Perform stress relief methods as explained above, or adjust it in your own way. Face the problem with a smile as a sign of enthusiasm, so avoid stress and various risks of disease. Do not hesitate to consult with a doctor or psychologist, if stress occurs protracted.

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