A mother who has just given birth to a baby may find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Often on the sidelines of the night’s sleep, Mother must wake up to breastfeed the little one who calls with her crying. This habit can last until the baby is three months old when the baby’s sleep routine begins to form.

Strengthen the physical and psychological Mother to fight drowsiness and fatigue for the sake of breastfeeding your child, including at night. This is because babies can get invaluable benefits for their physical development in the future thanks to breastfeeding at night.

Here are 3 important reasons babies need to be breastfed every night

The following are three main reasons for breastfeeding a baby at night not to be missed.

  • Breast milk at night contains more tryptophan

  • Breast milk at night contains more essential amino acid called tryptophan, which is needed by infants to support normal growth. In the body, tryptophan is in charge of helping the production of the hormone serotonin which is believed to have a positive impact on sleep quality and mood stability

  • Babies need frequent feedings

  • Generally, babies suckle every 1.5-2.5 hours, both at night and during the day. But in the early weeks of life, babies suckle 6-8 times per day with uncertain time lags. Therefore, one of the best ways is to adapt to the needs of your child. Whenever he wants to suckle, give it without the need to fixate with the schedule he should suckle. This way, breastfeeding routines are more easily formed.

    Babies need to be breastfed as often as possible because breast milk is relatively quickly digested. In addition, babies need a large supply of milk to support the growth spike that occurs at around two weeks of age. The growth spurt will occur again when the baby is around two months, then four months, and six months. During the growth spike, the baby can suckle every 30-60 minutes with a longer duration of breastfeeding.

    By breastfeeding frequently, your baby and mother can get the following benefits:

  • The bond between baby and mother can be better established.
  • Baby’s weight increases quickly.
  • Reducing the risk of babies developing jaundice or jaundice.
  • Baby anxiety tends to decrease.
  • For Mother, breastfeeding often can reduce the chance of breast enlargement.
  • In addition, if the baby is born with a small body, then the mother needs to breastfeed often so that her weight and growth can reach normal. Mother is recommended to breastfeed every two hours, it doesn’t even matter if you have to wake him from sleep so he can suckle.

  • As a natural way to put your baby to sleep

  • Do not be surprised if newborn babies often fall asleep on the mother’s chest after being fed. The fact is breastfeeding your child is one way to put her to sleep. In addition, in the early days of life, babies can usually fall asleep if they are satisfied to suckle until their stomachs are full. Add to this the fact that babies often want to suckle early in the night to be able to sleep.

    Mother can breastfeed the baby early in the night until he sleeps, then feed again in the middle of the night so that he returns to sleep fully. Around 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., wake the baby to suckle. However, do not let the baby really awake, let him in a state of half asleep and still be able to suckle. How to breastfeed like this can help your baby sleep longer. If you want to breastfeed like this, give a gap of 3-4 hours from the time of previous breastfeeding.

If you often have to breastfeed your baby at night, it might be better if your little one is near you, for example the bed is right next to your bed. However, if you choose to sleep with the baby in the same bed, make sure that both you and your partner are not smokers, do not consume alcoholic beverages, do not consume drugs that make you sleep heavily, and your baby is not a premature baby.

Babies who suckle incorrectly can fall asleep while still in a nursing position. To get around when this happens, put one finger in your baby’s mouth slowly to create space between the gums and make it easier for you to pull the nipple. If you don’t do this and just pull the nipple right away, you can feel a little sick. After removing the nipple from her mouth, undress the baby and rub her back, tickle her legs, and try to burp your baby. If your baby is burping, try breastfeeding with another breast or changing diapers.

To get enough rest, try to take a nap. You can ask for help from your husband or family to look after your little one when you take a nap. So that your little one still gets enough milk, fill the milk dot with breast milk. This step can be done when the baby is around six weeks old because the baby has learned how to suckle. In addition, every time after breastfeeding the baby for the first time in the morning, wake him up and change his clothes with clean clothes so you can go back to sleep.

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