Every stage of a child’s development is crucial that parents love to miss. Usually, when children reach a certain age, will be followed by the emergence of new abilities. Let’s find out the development of the following year 1 child.

When children reach the age of 1 year, there are some basic abilities that will be increasingly apparent, for example, the desire to play will increase, want to learn new things around, to try to say something. Not only that, there are also other developments that occur in children 1 year, such as emotional development, communication skills, socializing, moving, and cognitive.

Forms of Faddling on Child Development 1 Year

Abilities Now 1 Year Old Child

At the age of 1 year, children may soon be able to walk gradually. This is because the strength of the bones have been able to support their weight, so the child becomes more active to move. Not only that, children are also more often chattering and may be more noisy than before.

In addition to increased activity, 1-year-old child development is also characterized by the ability to respond to the words of those around. At this age, Little will be easier to be invited to communicate both ways, for example, has begun to be able to point to the object that you say. In addition, one-year-old child can be taught good manners, such as saying thank you and help.

Their behavior will also be more easily directed by parents or caregivers. Children this age will be easier to persuade, for example to help parents or caregivers tidy up toys. But parents should not be surprised if children have more impulsive behavioral development, such as messing up toys.

Another form of mischief of children is throwing, pushing, and banging on objects that are nearby. They also happily opened the cupboard only to remove all the objects in it to then be used as toys. In fact, bumping objects nearby, such as pots and pans, may become a new habit. At this time, pleasure grows in them while listening to the sound.

Emotional Development of Children

When you are 1 year old, your child is not only more active in moving than before, but also followed by emotional development that is increasingly apparent. The following are emotional developments in a 1-year-old child:

  • Little will cry when left father or mother.
  • Feeling nervous or embarrassed when you meet someone he just met or saw.
  • Having closeness to certain people, for example his mother and father.
  • To get the attention of those around him, children will usually repeat actions or make certain sounds.
  • In dealing with certain situations, a 1 year old child will show fear.
  • Already clever when invited to play Peekaboo.
  • Children begin to be willing to reach out their hands or feet when wearing clothes and pants.

Seeing the development of a 1-year-old child may sometimes cause frustration, given their behavior which now often makes the house a mess. In addition, parents also feel worried when going or working, because children aged 1 year often start crying when left. However, still enjoy the stages that are being experienced by this Little One. One day, this moment will be remembered and you will miss it as a precious moment.

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