A real man is he who is always on guard and tries to please his wife, not least when she is pregnant. In addition to making relationships warmer, pleasing your wife during pregnancy will create pride that is not found elsewhere.

Pleasing women is not an easy matter, especially when your wife is pregnant. Changes in mood that often occur due to hormonal changes will certainly make the husband confused.

However, you don’t need to worry. The reason is, there are some simple steps you can take to make your beloved wife happier.

For Husbands, Do These 8 Things When Your Wife Is Pregnant

Things to Do when Your Wife Is Pregnant

In order to be a special husband figure for a pregnant wife, there are a number of things you need to do, namely:

1. Accompany your wife when checking for pregnancy

Be a standby husband by participating in accompanying his wife every time she checks the womb. Your presence can make your wife feel more comfortable, and she will feel you really care about herself and the baby.

In addition, accompanying your wife during pregnancy check also makes you aware of the condition of your baby, from being still formless to having perfect form. This is an invaluable experience for parents, and from here also emotional closeness with the Little can be formed.

2. Praise his appearance

Pregnant women are often stressed and are not confident with the changes in body shape that enlarges. Praise his appearance by saying that he still looks attractive. That can make your wife still confident. Also tell him not to stress, because gaining weight during pregnancy is very important for fetal growth in the womb.

3. Do homework

Maybe for you doing housework is something that is ‘not really’. But if you want to do it for the sake of helping your wife who is in a double body, you will be seen as a real man. Sweeping, mopping, and cooking the food he wants can be a choice.

4. Take the time to buy baby gear

As much as possible take the time to buy baby equipment with his wife. Choose equipment that is suitable if you like it for Little One later. Bring groceries so that the wife is not exhausted, because of the risk of making her back muscles tense and painful.

5. Understand wife’s sexual needs

Women who are not even pregnant can sometimes not be confident with their bodies, especially those who are two entities. Your wife might be reluctant to have sex because of this problem. Make sure that he still looks sexy and attractive.

In addition, you also have to understand that during pregnancy, women often experience mood swings. So, don’t force him when he refuses to be made love.

6. Diligently looking for information about pregnancy

Knowing everything about pregnancy can make it easier for you to accompany your wife who is in the middle of two bodies. You can read articles about pregnancy and ask your mother or a friend who has experienced it.

Try to find out what conditions women experience during pregnancy and what they feel. You can also search for information on the internet about foods that pregnant women should avoid.

7. Take care of your wife’s health

During pregnancy, your wife must be in good health. Therefore, you must be able to create a healthy environment for him. For example, don’t smoke. Cigarette smoke can have a devastating effect on the health of your wife and little one in the womb.

The fetus is at risk of being deformed, born prematurely, or born with a low weight if exposed to cigarette smoke.

If you can’t stop smoking, try not to do it around your wife. If your wife is a smoker, advise her not to smoke anymore. Don’t leave cigarettes or cigarette butts scattered around your house.

8. Make him feel cared for

Pamper your wife while she doesn’t ask for nonsense. When he asks for a massage because of fatigue, do it with pleasure. You can immediately offer to massage your wife before going to bed without asking. If he wants to eat certain foods, fulfill his desires. But make sure these foods do not have a negative impact on his health and Little Yes.

Believe it or not, nine months will run so fast. So, just enjoy the seconds until Little was born into the world. Be with your wife through these times. If necessary, ask your obstetrician about what else you need to do to make a pregnant wife feel more comfortable.

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