Gurah is a traditional treatment using the ingredients of srigunggu liquid, which is dripped through the nose with the aim of removing mucus. Not only that, gurah treatment is also believed to be able to treat sinus disorders.

According to the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1076 / Menkes / SK / VII / 2003 concerning the Implementation of Traditional Medicine, gurah is classified in traditional herbal medicine. Gurah is equated with herbal medicine, physician, shinshe, homeopathy, aromatherapist, and other traditional healers using similar methods.

Facts About Gurah for Treating Sinus Disorders

Understanding How Gurah Works

As mentioned above, the main ingredient in gurah treatment is srigunggu or senggugu plants. The flowering plant called Latin Clerodendrum serratum is indeed known as a medicinal plant which is reported to be able to treat pain, inflammation, rheumatism, respiratory problems, and fever.

In its processing, the roots of the srigunggu tree are crushed to foam, then filtered until a clear liquid is obtained. This liquid is then added boiled water to become a gurah concoction. The potion is dropped into the patient’s nose by the gurah practitioner. The position of the patient must also lie on his stomach so that the mucus produced from the mouth and nose easily comes out.

Gurah practitioners are usually accompanied by masseurs to massage patients to feel relaxed, as well as to reduce pain in the nose during the gurah procedure which can take up to two hours.

Reviewing Gurah Treatment in Dealing with Sinus Disorders

The effectiveness or failure of gurah in treating sinus disorders is actually still a long debate. Until now the effectiveness of the gurah still needs further research. However, a study shows that gurah is proven effective in treating chronic rhinitis.

The study explains the effect of gurah on the symptoms of chronic rhinitis, which can reduce a variety of symptoms, such as reducing mucus and sneezing frequency, and complaints of nasal congestion.

However, in certain conditions, gurah may cause complications such as otitis media, and inflammation of the respiratory tract such as severe acute rhinosinusitis, acute tonsillopharyngitis, and acute peritonsillitis.

Actually, in addition to taking gurah treatment, there are several other ways you can do to relieve discomfort due to sinus disorders. Are as follows:

  • Inhalation of hot steam to help reduce swelling and congestion in the nasal cavity.
  • Put a warm wet towel on the face.
  • Use a humidifier, and don’t forget to clean it regularly.
  • Clean the mucus and keep the sinuses moist with salt water.
  • Drink plenty of water to help thin the mucus and reduce sinus congestion.
  • Enough rest.
  • Reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages, because they can make the sinuses worse
  • Do not carelessly use drugs, because it can make symptoms of sinus problems become more severe.

If various ways to treat sinus disorders have been done, but the symptoms do not go away for more than a few days, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The sooner the treatment is carried out, the sooner the sinus problem resolves without causing complications.

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