The rise of news about a woman who died after consuming coffee, in one restaurant in Central Jakarta, makes some people wonder what caused his death. It has been confirmed, the coffee the woman drinks contains cyanide. Then, how can cyanide kill?

Now, before finding out why cyanide can be so dangerous, we first identify what cyanide actually is. Cyanide itself is actually an insecticide and pesticide. However, if used as a poison, cyanide is a poison that can work and spread quickly, and has the potential to be deadly. And if it enters a person’s stomach with a high enough stomach acid, cyanide will react at a higher level.

Effects and Dangers of Cyanide

Not everyone can smell cyanide, because basically cyanide doesn’t always smell. Even if it smells, cyanide will smell like bitter almonds. The form of cyanide itself is also diverse. Starting from cyanide potassium (KCN) and cyanide sodium (NaCN) in the form of crystals, and in the form of colorless gases such as cyanogen chloride (CNCI) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN).

There are various ways cyanide can enter the body and endanger yourself. Among others, by touching ground containing cyanide, drinking water that has been contaminated with cyanide, through the air, by smoking, or even by consuming foods that contain cyanide.

What Happens When Affected by Cyanide?

If a person is exposed to cyanide in small amounts, the person will experience several symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, feeling restless, rapid breathing, fast heart rate, and the body feels weak. Even so, not everyone who has some of these symptoms means experiencing cyanide poisoning.

Another case if someone has been exposed to cyanide in large numbers. He may experience slowing heart rates, loss of consciousness, seizures, damage to the lungs, low blood pressure, and experiencing respiratory failure to cause death.

How Can Cyanide Kill?

Well, if you start to wonder why cyanide can be very dangerous, this is why.

  • The amount of cyanide that enters the body, and how long the person is exposed to toxins greatly influences the effect of cyanide in the body. The fatal dose of cyanide is 1.5 mg / kg of the human body. Imagine if someone consumed more than the lethal dose.
  • When cyanide enters the body, cyanide will prevent cells in the body from using oxygen. So the cells in the body will die.
  • The organs that will suffer the most damage are the brain and heart. Because compared to other body organs, these two organs are organs that use the most oxygen.

In addition to cyanide that enters the mouth through food, cyanide gas is no less dangerous. In fact, the most dangerous compared to other types. This gas may not be too dangerous if it is in an open space, because it can spread and evaporate. But it is different if the gas is in a closed room.

Actually cyanide is also present in foods that you might encounter everyday. However, of course it is still in low numbers. For example, in almonds, apricot seeds, orange seeds, apple seeds, cassava, bamboo shoots, lima beans, tapioca, and holes contained in the fruit. In addition, cyanide is also present in vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke, several types of algae, bacteria, and fungi.

Although cyanide is found in several types of food that you might encounter everyday, it can actually be said to be quite safe as long as you process it properly. Generally, the deadly effects of cyanide can occur by accident or by accident. Its deadly effects are fast enough not infrequently used as a tool to terrorize or even kill someone.

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