The process of giving birth is a thrilling moment for every mother. Normal vaginal delivery is often a desire for pregnant women because of its relatively faster recovery. Learn various tips on giving birth normally to smooth labor.

The ‘normal’ delivery discussed in this article is vaginal birth. What remains to be considered is that normal childbirth can only be performed on pregnant women who are not currently having health problems or problems in certain pregnancies that risk the continuation of the health of the mother and fetus.

Don't worry, here are tips for giving birth normally

Pregnant women need to understand that a normal birth cannot always be done. In some circumstances, a caesarean section or cesarean section is required. The condition of breech babies, abnormalities in the uterus or pelvis, and the placenta in the lower part of the uterus (placenta previa), are some of the conditions in which pregnant women are indicated for delivery by cesarean section. Similarly, if the baby is very large, contains twins, or if there is fetal distress.

If you do not experience obstacles to giving birth normally, the following normal childbirth tips you can follow.

Considerations Before Normal Childbirth

Childbirth, both normal and caesarean, has advantages and disadvantages of each. If you want to give birth normally, prepare yourself physically and mentally, and make careful planning from the start. As a supporting factor, there are several things that need attention:

  • Make sure the pregnancy does not experience abnormalities

  • Maternal and fetal health conditions must be the main consideration when choosing to give birth normally. Make sure your pregnancy does not experience the abnormalities mentioned earlier. To find out whether or not there are problems in pregnancy, it is advisable to regularly see a gynecologist to monitor health and anticipate the possibility of complications.

  • Keep yourself motivated to give birth normally

  • Normal childbirth requires strong motivation. Keep yourself motivated by keeping in mind that there are many advantages to giving birth normally. These advantages include being able to recover faster after giving birth, avoiding the stress and risk of complications due to the effects of surgery and the influence of drugs, as well as cheaper costs. Normal childbirth also allows you to breastfeed your baby right after birth.

  • Understand the risks

  • The risk of experiencing complications in a normal delivery is still present. The position of breech fetuses, mothers who are not accompanied by experts, as well as inadequate preparation of medical equipment as equipment in case of emergencies, are some of the risk factors for childbirth complications. The risks of these complications include elongated (not advanced) labor, prolapsed umbilical cord (prolapse), and baby umbilical cord wrapped around.

  • Understand the conditions when needing medical treatment

  • The next normal childbirth tip is how you should understand that sometimes the vaginal delivery process also requires medical treatment, even though it has been well prepared beforehand. Medical procedures in normal labor that are usually done are induction and episiotomy.

Determine the location of birth

After deciding to give birth normally, the next normal childbirth tips is to choose a hospital or maternity clinic. The considerations needed in choosing a hospital include:

  • Choosing the right hospital

  • Learn about the hospital or maternity clinic you want. Ensure that the facility has sufficient trained medical personnel and complete medical equipment. Choose a hospital that supports you in giving birth normally. If these requirements are met, you who have the risk of giving birth normally can still try this method. By choosing the right hospital, if there is an emergency, it can be treated quickly.

  • Search for information around your area

  • It never hurts to look for information about maternity homes in the area where you live. Close maternity clinics will make it easier for you if at any time it’s time to give birth. Before that time arrives, look for information about the facilities provided for normal childbirth. These facilities should be accompanied by adequate beds for mothers and babies, the existence of medical equipment to anticipate emergencies, and sufficient medical personnel to assist in the birthing process.

Apart from the choice of giving birth in a hospital or clinic, now the choice to give birth at home is again popular. Before deciding to give birth at home, make sure your condition allows for a normal delivery. In addition, you also must still be assisted by health professionals.

Preparing Everything for Normal Childbirth

In preparing for the normal delivery process, you can start the following steps:

  • Choose experts

  • Make sure you are treated by an obstetrician, as well as a certified midwife. These medical professionals will help you throughout the labor process and will act quickly when needed. If you are a woman who is over 35 years old or has diabetes, be sure to choose a place of birth that has a perinatologist to help with labor.

  • Ask for support

  • Ask for support from people closest to you, like your husband or other family members. It is they who will motivate you to give birth normally. Likewise when you give birth later, they also provide support and assist the recovery process.

Childbirth, both normal and caesarean, has advantages and disadvantages of each. If you want to give birth normally, plan from the start. Prepare mentally by getting support and careful planning.

Prepare Physical and Mental

The next tips for normal childbirth are related to physical and mental readiness. When giving birth later, you not only need physical excellence, but also a strong mentality. In preparing for physical and mental strength, you can do the following:

  • Discuss with others

  • You can discuss with people who have already experienced it. By discussing, you can get an overview of the birthing process this way. Also convey your feelings, such as anxiety or fear. Usually if these feelings have been conveyed, you can feel calmer in the face of labor.

  • Take pregnancy exercise classes

  • In pregnancy exercise classes, you will practice breathing. This breathing exercise serves as a means of relaxation and will reduce pain during childbirth normally. In this class, you will also be taught good breathing techniques during childbirth later.

  • Massage

  • When the time for delivery is almost here, you will experience contractions. At this time, getting a massage will likely make you feel calmer and the pain can be distracted by the comfort of a massage. Ask your partner or other family members to massage you.

  • Preparing for pain

  • When giving birth normally, you will feel pain as well as pressure. Pain during labor resembles cramps during menstruation, but with greater intensity. While the emphasis you will feel when the baby begins to descend towards the birth canal.

By learning the normal childbirth tips above, you are expected to be better prepared to go through the labor process. Do not forget to check the womb regularly to find out the health condition of you and the fetus.

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