For pet lovers, be aware of the existence of dog fleas must be done. In addition to sucking blood on animals, these insects can also bite and suck human blood.

The presence of dog fleas in mammals, including humans, not only cause disturbing effects, but also endanger health. When biting humans, these lice can cause itching and health problems.

Dog Lice Risk of Disease and How to Treat Bites

Rows of Problems Caused in Humans

Dog fleas have the ability to breed quickly in pets. However, don’t feel calm just because you don’t have a dog or cat at home. This tick also has the potential to breed in unclean house yards.

When dog fleas bite humans, some of the signs that appear can be the appearance of small red bumps. This lump is usually accompanied by a red circle that surrounds the center of the bite. The favorite location for dog flea bites on the human body is in the legs or ankles. In addition to these areas, the waist, armpits, chest, thighs, and elbow folds are also common locations for these tick bites. Usually, bites appear in groups of three or four in a straight line.

In the bitten area, there is a possibility of severe itching that can potentially cause infection, pain or pain. Generally it happens because it is scratched, due to unbearable itching. There is also the possibility of a rash on the dog’s flea bite area.

Although rare, dog fleas can also be an intermediary for tapeworm infections in humans. The disease is called dipilidiasis, which is when a person is infected with a worm called Dipylidium caninum. A person suffers from this disease if accidentally ingesting dog fleas that have been infected with the Dipylidium caninum worm parasite.

How To Treat Dog Flea Bites

If you have dog lice bites that cause mild reactions, such as redness, itching, or slight bumps, you can use over-the-counter creams or itchy medicines. It’s best to avoid using natural medicines or herbs that you don’t know clearly about their safety and effects.

However, if a dog flea bite has caused severe itching, consult a doctor. The doctor will give antihistamine drugs to relieve itching.

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