A natural thing if babies often fart. The reason is, babies can indeed pass gas up to 13-20 times a day. This is more common in infants aged 2-3 months. To help him feel more comfortable, there are ways you can do it.

Frequent farting is the impact of the amount of gas or air that is swallowed by the baby, for example when suckling, sucking a pacifier, or when crying. This condition is actually normal and harmless, but can cause the baby to be uncomfortable due to bloating. There are several ways you can do to make it feel better.

Do these 3 things if your baby often farts

Tips for Overcoming Babies Often Fart

Babies often fart due to swallow a lot of air can also experience bloating. This will make your child feel uncomfortable, and sometimes become fussy. To overcome this and make him feel better, Mother and Father can do the following ways:

Help the baby to burp

Burping makes the gas in the body decreases. The best way to help your baby burp is to gently rub or pat her back. Do this while carrying your little one on the shoulder or lying on your lap Mother or Father. If you don’t belch, put your baby in a supine position for a few minutes, then repeat the steps.

Make sure the baby is suckling in the right position

Make sure the position of your baby’s head is higher than his stomach when he suckles, both directly from the nipple of the Mother and from the milk bottle. Use a hand or pillow to support it. Also make sure the bottle is tilted up so that no air is trapped in the pacifier.

The correct position of suckling makes it easier for milk to come down into the stomach and air that is accidentally swallowed can come out. This will also make it easier for babies to burp.

Gently massage

Lay your baby on the bed in a supine position, gently massage his stomach, then move his legs like a cycling motion. If necessary, wash your baby with warm water. These steps can make it easier for the baby to expel excess air from the digestive tract.

Babies often fart is generally not a dangerous condition. But Mother and Father still need to be vigilant, because sometimes this condition also indicates a health problem, especially if accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Fever. Check your child immediately to the doctor if his body temperature reaches 38 ° Celsius or more, especially if he is under three months old.
  • Very fussy and hard to calm.
  • Appears painful or colic.
  • Do not defecate, vomit, or stool with blood.

These symptoms can indicate the baby often farts due to indigestion. So if Mother or Father sees your child experiencing it, immediately take him to the pediatrician to be examined.

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