When diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer by a doctor, don’t stress and despair first. With proper early treatment, this condition has a high enough treatment success rate.

You are said to have breast cancer when the cells in the breast gland change and continue to divide to produce abnormal cells, to form a tumor. Determination of the stage is determined by how severe changes in breast cells and tissue, the rate of spread of cancer cells, and the size of tumors that exist in the breast.

Do not Desperate when Stage 2 Breast Cancer is Diagnosed

Signs and Science of Breast Cancer Stage 2

There are 4 levels used by doctors to describe the condition of breast cancer. This level starts from stage 0 – 4.

If you have reached stage 2, this means the cancer cells have developed, but have not spread throughout the body. These cells only exist in the breast or have just spread in the lymph near the breast. Stage 2 breast cancer is divided into two, namely stage 2A and 2B.

If you do any of these symptoms, then you are diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer:

  • There is a tumor in the breast of 2 cm or smaller. Cancer cells have also been found in lymph nodes located in the armpits or near the breastbone.
  • There is no tumor formation in the breast. However, doctors have detected cancer in three glands that can be under the armpit or close to the chest.
  • Stage 2A can also be marked by the presence of tumors in the breast measuring 2 cm to 5 cm. However, doctors have not found cancer in the lymph spectrum.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you will be diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer, which are:

  • There are tumors measuring 2 cm to 5 cm, with the rest of the cancer spreading to one or three lymph nodes under the arm or near the chest.
  • Doctors have detected tumors of more than 5 cm, but there have been no adverse effects on lymph nodes.
  • There have been found tumors measuring 2 cm to 5 cm in the breast, and cancer cells that have clustered in lymph nodes.

Do this immediately by combining the Staging of Breast Cancer 2 Attack

There are a number of steps that might help overcome the stage of breast cancer 2 that you are experiencing, so that the status does not change to a more severe stage.

Steps you need to take to fight breast cancer stage 2:

  • Operation

  • If the tumor you have is still relatively small, you might be able to do breast surgery or lumpectomy. This operation only removes the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue. However, if your tumor is large enough, a mastectomy (breast removal) operation may be needed. After the mastectomy procedure, surgery can be performed to improve the appearance of the breasts.

  • Chemotherapy

  • Chemotherapy can be done before and circles your surgery. If done before surgery, chemotherapy aims to reduce the size of the tumor. This is done to overcome surgery or mastectomy surgery.
    Chemotherapy that is done after surgery is useful to help destroy cancer cells that have not been completely removed. At the time of chemotherapy, drugs with super strength will be inserted into the body through blood vessels for a matter of weeks or months. You may also be able to take chemotherapy drugs in pill form.

  • Therapy

  • this can help eradicate cancer cells that have not been removed after lumpectomy surgery. Radiation therapy can also be done if you have surgery, especially if you have a tumor or you have cancer cells in lymphatic cancer.

  • Hormone therapy

  • Some types of breast cancer can become active because they affect hormones. If you have active hormones, you might be able to undergo hormone therapy. Hormone therapy drugs can prevent tumors in contact with these hormones. If you have not yet experienced menopause, you may need to do an ovarian regulator to stop the production of hormones, or you can also take drugs that can prevent the ovaries from releasing hormones.

Stay calm and do not despair when diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. It is estimated that the chances of living with stage 2 breast cancer within 5 years are 93 percent. This means, with proper treatment, it is estimated that about 93 out of 100 stage 2 breast cancer survivors are still alive after 5 years of being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor if there are signs of symptoms that lead to breast cancer. The earlier breast cancer is detected and treated, the higher the success rate of treatment.

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