Many mothers choose not to breastfeed while traveling while carrying a baby because they feel bothered to open and close clothes, especially in public places. When in fact there are now many choices of nursing clothes with a trendy design that makes it easy for mothers to give breast milk, especially when traveling.

Direct breastfeeding helps create a strong relationship between mother and baby. Breastmilk given to infants has the role of boosting the immune system so that he is less sick, and increasing the level of intelligence. While for mothers, breastfeeding can lose weight because it burns more calories. Mothers who breastfeed are also thought to be less at risk of developing uterine cancer and breast cancer.

Choosing Breastfeeding Clothes for Comfortable Giving Breastfeeding in Public Places

Nursing clothes generally have the main characteristics of the opening in the front, on the chest, making it easier for mothers to remove the breast. Chest area can be opened by opening a certain part of clothing, or by opening buttons or zippers. Usually the form of breastfeeding clothes is not tight even though some are made of t-shirts, so that the chest is not exposed.

Choosing loose breastfeeding clothes also aims to accommodate the needs of postpartum mothers who are not yet confident because of the body shape that has not returned to normal. Breastfeeding clothes were also chosen because the mother did not need to open her top to the chest and prevent the stomach from opening while breastfeeding.

Tips for Choosing Breastfeeding Clothes

Here are some simple tips for choosing breastfeeding clothes so that mothers can breastfeed comfortably while still looking stylish:

  • Looking for various models of breastfeeding clothes in cyberspace

  • Now breastfeeding clothes are widely available in online stores with various models and motifs.

  • Selectively choose ingredients

  • Mothers should choose nursing clothes that are soft, absorb sweat, and are not hot, such as cotton or poly spandex. Rough clothing material risks making the baby uncomfortable.

  • Choose a flexible model

  • Choose clothing models that can still be worn, even if you are not breastfeeding.

Other Equipment Needed for Nursing Mothers

In addition to choosing breastfeeding clothes, there are other equipment that also needs to be a complementary tool for breastfeeding clothes, namely:

  • Nursing bras

  • Enlargement of breast size when breastfeeding makes the mother can not wear a bra that is usually worn before pregnancy. Nursing bras are more comfortable to choose because besides not as tight as a regular bra, this type of bra makes it easy for mothers to give milk to babies. Nursing bras generally have openings in the cup that can be opened and closed easily.

  • Breast pad

  • Nursing mothers sometimes experience leaked breast milk, which is when breast milk that is not accommodated seeps on clothing. Breast pad in the form of a small cloth layer to be inserted into the bra, can keep the milk from seeping so that it does not reach the outerwear.
    There are breast pads that can be washed and reused, and some are only disposable. If the volume of milk leakage is large, the breast pad should be changed frequently to prevent irritation and infection.

  • Nursing aprons

  • Some mothers feel more comfortable covering their babies with cloth while breastfeeding. Now many aprons or aprons for breastfeeding are available that can be worn around the neck so that mothers are more comfortable breastfeeding babies, especially in public places. This apron can also be replaced with a sling, a thin blanket, or a scarf.

Indeed, not all places can be comfortable for mothers to breastfeed their babies. Fear of exposure to cigarette smoke, a dirty environment, noisy, and full of people, making most mothers are reluctant to take the baby out of the house. Before traveling or meeting with friends, you can find out first about places that are friendly for mothers to breastfeed.

In addition, when traveling during breastfeeding, it is better to invite your husband, relatives, or friends, because babies who sometimes want to breastfeed in public places can make you a little inconvenience. If you still have to go, make sure to wear breastfeeding clothes and bring breastfeeding equipment as needed.

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