The benefits of jojoba oil are known to have the ability to overcome various skin problems. In addition, jojoba oil can also ward off mosquitoes, to help heal wounds.

Seeds from the jojoba plant can be processed to produce oils and candles that are beneficial to human health. This plant itself is a bush that usually lives in dry climates.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil that You Need to Know

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Here are some of the benefits of jojoba oil that you can get:

  • Overcoming the problem of acne

  • Jojoba oil is a natural ingredient for treating acne prone skin problems. The benefits of jojoba oil in treating acne prone skin have been supported by a study.

    Other studies say, jojoba oil facial mask can reduce inflammation and the appearance of acne significantly. This is because jojoba oil can reduce excess oil production on the face.

  • Softens and moisturizes the skin

  • In addition to overcoming the problem of acne, jojoba oil is also believed to be able to deal with chapped skin, psoriasis, and sunburn. No wonder now many skin beauty products, such as lotions, skin cleansers, cosmetics, and lipsticks that contain jojoba content in it.

    Jojoba applied to the skin is emollient because it functions to soothe the skin. Emollient nature itself can be interpreted as a substance that is able to soften and moisturize the skin. In addition, emollients can reduce itching and flaking of the skin. Unfortunately, the benefits of jojoba to overcome skin problems are not yet supported by strong scientific evidence.

  • Stimulates hair growth

  • The benefits of jojoba for hair are able to overcome baldness. However, its effectiveness in stimulating hair growth needs to be further investigated to ensure its efficacy with certainty.

    What is clear, jojoba is often included in shampoo and conditioner products because it is claimed to be able to moisturize hair and scalp well. Other benefits of jojoba for hair are to overcome the problem of dandruff and make the hair look more shiny and smooth.

  • Prevent mosquitoes

  • According to one study, applying some products containing jojoba oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, and vitamin E might be useful to ward off mosquitoes. The effect of repelling mosquitoes will last at least three hours after being applied to the skin. However, further research is needed to support this.

  • Able to heal wounds

  • A study related to the benefits of jojoba is its potential to be used as a wound healer. Studies conducted in this laboratory examine the benefits of jojoba in efforts to repair epidermal tissue of human skin when injured.

    This study uses jojoba wax in liquid form and shows good activity in accelerating wound closure. Jojoba is considered able to stimulate collagen growth. This study recommends the use of jojoba for treatment of wounds according to clinical rules. For this reason, just like the three benefits previously mentioned, the benefits of jojoba to heal wounds need to be further investigated.

If you want to do treatment with jojoba oil, it’s good to apply a little jojoba oil to the skin first to see allergic reactions that might occur.

Although the use of jojoba oil tends to be safe, it should be remembered that some of the benefits of jojoba oil have not been supported by strong medical evidence and still require further research. It is recommended to use products that have been proven safe for your body or consult a doctor to ensure their safety.

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