The dangers of bathing at night can apply to babies, but the effects of danger to adults, as presumed in society so far, could be just a myth.

Some people believe that night bathing is dangerous to health, but that has not been fully proven, because until now studies of the dangers of night bathing are still limited. Even so, that does not mean free night bathing is done by anyone, especially in infants.

Adults Don't Fear the Danger of Night Bathing

Effects of Night Bathing in Babies

Experts believe that babies are very vulnerable to temperature instability in the first three months of life. Cold temperatures can cause hypothermia, a condition when a person’s body temperature drops dramatically to below 35 degrees Celsius. Babies are prone to hypothermia due to the body’s imperfect ability to regulate temperature. Seek immediate medical attention if after exposure to cold water, the baby seems to breathe quickly, pale, cold body temperature, trembling, and looks tired.

Therefore, it is recommended not to force bathing the baby at night. If the baby really needs to be bathed in the afternoon or at night, use warm water when the temperature is cold. After bathing the baby, immediately dry the baby with a towel and lay it on a warm mattress so that the baby can feel comfortable after bathing and can sleep soundly at night.

Actually there is no standard set of what time should bathe the baby. The most important thing is bathing does not make the baby cold and bath time does not change so that the baby’s body can adjust its bathing routine.

In What Conditions Are Night Bathing Recommended?

In some conditions, a night shower is actually recommended, for example just before the time of surgery. When going to undergo surgery, patients are encouraged to clean themselves by bathing the night before. Patients are usually instructed to take a bath with products containing chlorhexidine gluconate. You can also buy antiseptic soap freely if you are not given special soap.

When bathing, you do not need to shave in the area to be operated on. If it really needs to be shaved, health workers will do it in the hospital. In addition, brush your finger nails and remove all nail polish or makeup if you wear it.

The dangers of bathing during the night have also been linked to the appearance of rheumatic symptoms, but this is just a myth. In fact, taking a night shower with warm water can actually help relieve the symptoms of rheumatism. Interspersed warm baths with plain water or cold water to help reduce muscle pain after daily activities.

Night showers can also be done by those who sweat a lot during the day. Take a shower at night before going to bed or wash your face, armpits and feet if the smell is less pleasant. Bathing at night also plays a role in maintaining skin cleanliness. In addition to dispelling body odor, night bathing also turns out to help you to feel more relaxed and sleep more soundly. Some people feel more comfortable when taking a warm bath at night, but you can take a shower with plain water if you feel more comfortable.

When weighing the benefits and dangers of a night shower, some experts agree that the benefits outweigh the dangers of a night shower. But if you have certain complaints, you should consult a doctor before getting used to bathing at night to prevent the harmful effects of a night shower.

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