During Early Childhood Education (PAUD), children can learn to interact and socialize with friends their age and adults. But parents should be careful in choosing the right PAUD.

In Indonesia, according to Permendiknas no. 58 of 2009, PAUD is a training effort aimed at children from birth until the age of six. The guidance is carried out through the provision of educational stimuli to help physical and spiritual growth and development, so that children are ready to enter further education.

11 Steps to Choosing the Right PAUD for Children

Tips for Choosing the Right PAUD

Choosing the right PAUD for children, must not be careless. There are various aspects that parents must pay attention to, so that children can develop more ready to enter the school world later.

Here are a few factors to consider before making a decision:

  • Look for as much information as possible

  • Find out about school teaching methods by talking to school principals or PAUD teachers when visiting there. Now many PAUD have blogs, social media, or online or online sites to promote their schools. There are also various forums where parents share stories about the school. You can also chat online with parents who have sent their children to school there.

  • Pay attention to curriculum and teaching methods

  • Each PAUD has a different curriculum and teaching method. A good curriculum size generally has a daily schedule that includes a lot of time for physical activity in children, group programs, individual activities, as well as free time for eating, playing, and doing crafts.

  • Choose the one close to home

  • It is important to ensure that ECD locations are easily accessible from home and do not take too long to travel. In addition to avoiding child fatigue during the trip, this situation also makes it easier for you or other people you trust to deliver and pick him up. Do not let him be late to be delivered and picked up because the location of the school is too far away or is jammed.

  • Consider the number of children in each class

  • The issue of the number of children in each class does need attention. That is because the smaller the number of children handled by each teacher, allows children to get better attention.

  • Make sure the school conditions are clean and well-maintained

  • PAUD will be the child’s second home so make sure that the child is in a clean and well-maintained environment. In addition, it is also important to look at environmental security, both from within and outside PAUD. Make sure everything is really safe and well maintained.

  • Make sure PAUD is accredited

  • Schools that already have accreditation means that they have met the standards of the National Accreditation Body under the Ministry of Education. Make sure the PAUD you are aiming for meets the accreditation standards to ensure the certainty and continuation of children’s education at the next level.

  • Pay attention to game and educational facilities

  • Also ensure the existence of game facilities and other facilities, such as a library and rest room for students who are sick, and provide activities that your child likes, such as dancing, music, sports, or fairy tales. The goal is because all of this plays an important role in the exploration of children’s abilities.

  • Pay attention to food hygiene in PAUD

  • If PAUD offers food to children in school, then make sure that it meets the hygiene and health standards as much as possible.

  • Look at the attitude of the teachers and staff towards students

  • The attitude of the teacher and PAUD staff greatly impacts how your child will behave later. This makes a big difference to the atmosphere of PAUD which is cheerful and supports children’s development.

  • Get to know the uniqueness of your child

  • Recognizing the uniqueness and ability of your child is the most important thing. Of course, each child has different characteristics that make him unique. There are those who like to play outside, there are those who prefer drawing, or playing sounds. Customize your choices with the child’s passion and ability so he is happy and developing.

  • Encourage children to survey the school

  • We recommend that you invite your child while surveying the school because he will spend a long time there. You can also explain to him about the reasons he needs to go to school and what are the fun things he can do there. Invite him to choose his own school supplies, such as shoes and bags, so he is happy to start this new moment.

What parents need to understand is PAUD should be a fun play institution for children. If the child does not seem ready to enter PAUD at the age of 2-3 years, then it should not need to be too pushy. If forced, PAUD can actually be a scary place for children. In fact, some children who are not comfortable with certain stimulations, such as music or loud sounds, tend to be more at risk of breaking down school.

Take the steps to choose PAUD above so your child can get the expected coaching benefits. If you are not sure when it is appropriate for children to enter the PAUD or school environment, you can consult a consultation with a psychologist to be sure.

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