Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa putus cinta akan membuat cewek merasa patah hati yang lebih berat, tetapi pada proses selanjutnya, cewek akan lebih cepat ’sembuh’.

Menurut seorang ahli antropologi, cewek lebih dapat melangkah maju dengan sikapnya yang lebih peka dan waspada setelah melihat ke belakang untuk mempelajari kesalahannya.

10 Techniques for Rising from a Broken Heart

If you are experiencing it, don’t give up on the situation. Better yet, try to look at 10 powerful tips that can eliminate your broken heart below.

  • Do not deny the feeling of sadness

  • It is undeniable, you will feel a deep sad feeling when you experience a broken heart. You can’t lie to yourself. Therefore, give yourself time to express feelings of sadness. Cry as much as you can to dump sadness. After crying, your feelings will feel better.

    Most importantly, don’t cry in public and avoid venturing on social media because the two actions are tantamount to embarrassing yourself in public.

  • Give time to be more relaxed

  • No need to rush to re-exist. There’s no need to force yourself out of the house just to show the world that you’re fine. No need to force yourself to get along with going home every night so that other people (especially the Former) see you as an adult and have been ‘cured’ from adversity. But don’t also isolate yourself from social life. Instead, relax until your feelings are truly stable. Staying at home while doing fun things can make your feelings recover faster. You can invite friends to watch together at home or invite them to taste your cooking together.

  • Make yourself happy

  • Many things you can do to entertain yourself. Listening to music, writing journals, doing massages, and eating good food are some activities that can make yourself happy. In addition, you can also travel. Exercise is also appropriate to do if you are heartbroken. Broken heart is one of the tragedies that trigger stress and the onset of depression. Exercise can help reduce stress interventions.

    Avoiding memorable songs with your ex and not traveling to places you’ve been with your ex is a wise choice for your current condition.

  • Avoid anything related to him

  • Move photos of you two that are still displayed on the wall or bedroom table. Also move all of the gift items so they do not appear in plain sight. Keep everything neatly in a closed cardboard. Keeping away all the memories will make your broken heart heal faster.

    Don’t try to peek at his daily life again on social media because it will only make it hard for you to forget it. Try to remove him from all your social media accounts and immediately start new days without him.

    Try not to be in the same place with him so you avoid the temptation to chat with him. Avoid sitting with him when you are in class, do not go to the canteen together, do not make arrangements to eat together, and try not to attend the event he attended too.

  • Peace with circumstances

  • There are many causes for breakups. Some who are not affectionate, lie, or cheat are some of them. When you experience a broken heart because you have to break up, you have to start trying to make peace with the situation. You have to accept that this is the best way rather than being lied to all the time. Slowly you have to accept and forgive the incident because it could be this event is God’s way to bring you a match that really suits you. Make this experience a lesson so that in the future you are more careful in choosing partners and developing relationships.

  • Spend time with family and friends

  • There are two advantages when you spend time with family or friends. First, you can kill loneliness because slowly you will forget your ex. Second, you can share your feelings while asking your family or friends for advice about what you should do in the face of this relationship breakup. This positive activity can make you more relieved and the burden will gradually disappear.

  • Look for a flurry of activity

  • Next, you need to spend more ‘serious’ time doing useful activities. You can refocus with your hobbies, such as taking a new foreign language course, taking a cooking class, or whatever activities can make you happy. Another good idea, you can continue your education again. This busyness not only makes you forget your ex, but also benefits yourself.

  • Be optimistic about the future

  • In times of heartbreak, thinking about optimism is hard. You who used to have ideals and dreams that were built with him, surely feel that everything is destroyed when your relationship has failed. But always remember that you have many advantages that can make your future better. Right now, all you need is to read books and watch comedy-themed films. Playing with friends who are funny is also recommended.

  • Pamper yourself while increasing the quality of yourself

  • Broken heart can be interpreted as a time for you to pay more attention to yourself. Pamper yourself with everything that can improve the quality of yourself. For example, cut hair to get a fresh look. Perform manicures and pedicures so that your nails look healthier and more manicured. Buying a few pieces of new clothes can also make you more excited. Start exercising regularly, such as gymnastics, pilates, or aerobics. Don’t forget to eat healthy food too. The combination of exercise and healthy food can have a calming effect on the mind. One more suggestion, refine your social life by volunteering in various social activities.

  • Fall in love again

  • There is no obligation to have to fall in love directly with another person. However, open your heart to accept new friends. Don’t close yourself for too long. Before starting a new story, make sure you have really moved on from the former. After that, create new friendships with the opposite sex. Live leisurely and don’t need to rush to make her a boyfriend. Don’t ever compare your ex with your new girlfriend candidate because now you’ve moved on, right? Just enjoy this new relationship without any burden. In time, you can be more serious in a relationship.

Maybe everyone has the potential to feel broken heart, but you don’t need to worry. Feelings of sadness and hurt due to broken hearts will disappear by themselves over time.

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